Therapeutic treatments

Therapeutic treatments

A spa stay for your healthier self

What would your day look like if your health problems were alleviated or even disappeared altogether? Better fitness and painless movement don’t have to be an impossible dream anymore. In our spa programmes, experienced physicians and physiotherapists will help you achieve concrete results on the way to your healthier self.

We are here to help you with obesity, diabetes and other metabolic diseases as well as with diseases of the digestive and musculoskeletal systems, to improve your postoperative recovery, stimulate your weakened immune system and assist you in fighting fatigue. Treat yourself to great spa services in the unique atmosphere of a hotel for movie stars.

Hotel Thermal holds an official licence issued by Authority of Karlovy Vary Region to provide health services in accordance with § 21 Section 1 of the Health Services Act.




Thanks to the abundance of thermal water in the area, the spa tradition of Karlovy Vary dates back more than 600 years. Experience the effects of the local thermal water for yourself. Immerse yourself in a bath of 37–40 ° C, which contains a unique cocktail of ions, minerals and carbon dioxide. These elements are absorbed through your skin into your body, positively influencing your cardiovascular system, reducing muscle tension and contributing to general relaxation. After that you will rest lying in a dry wrap so that you can take in the effects of the bath.


Relaxing in a hot tub may be a great addition to your programme. Combining the effects of mineral-rich water of 37–38 °C and a micro-massage with tiny bubbles, this bath improves blood circulation in the skin and reduces the overall tension in your body. For perfect relaxation, conclude the procedure with a 10-minute rest in a dry wrap.


One of the oldest and most popular procedures in the history of spa treatments merges the beneficial effects of thermal water and large amounts of carbon dioxide. The bath relaxes your body, improves your blood circulation and calms your mind. The CO2 contained in thermal water helps lower your blood pressure, which makes the bath particularly suitable for patients with heart diseases and hypertension. Combining the bath with a dry body wrap will provide ultimate relaxation.


Experience the power of a Calmonal bath for yourself. Calmonal is a blend containing extracts from medicinal herbs with anti-rheumatic and anti-inflammatory effects. The bath is particularly suited for the treatment of degenerative diseases of the spine and joints and for recovery after injuries and operations. It also helps with chronic skin problems, psoriasis, acne and atopic eczema. The treatment is concluded with a dry wrap.


This shock hydrotherapy is not designed only for the fans of cold water. During this popular procedure, your entire body is refreshed by dynamically changing streams of hot and cold water. The alternating use of the water jets, their mechanical effect and the changes in water temperature improve your blood circulation, stimulate your heart activity and reduce your muscle tension, producing endorphins, the hormones of happiness. Even if you are not fond of cold water, you the procedure will leave you with a happy smile on your face.


A special hot tub filled with mineral water and equipped with jets to target individual parts of the body can provide you with a full-body massage. While you are enjoying undisturbed relaxation, your skin is absorbing the beneficial elements contained in the thermal waters of Karlovy Vary. The bath helps alleviate circulatory disorders and provides pain relief to patients with spine or joint diseases. The procedure ends with a dry body wrap.


If you have problems with poor blood circulation in your legs and your legs feel heavy, if you suffer from a joint disease or need to recover after an injury, try a whirlpool bath focused only on your lower limbs. While you sit and unwind, the small jets gently massage your legs, relieving them of tension and relaxing your muscles.


A pleasant procedure combining the effects of a hot bath, a massage and active and passive movement in water. The massage is performed manually or with the help of massage jets. It relaxes your muscles, improves blood circulation in your skin and activates your lymphatic system, which is responsible for removing toxins from your body. Drinking enough water after the procedure will enhance the effects of the massage.


Peat is not only good for gardening. Adapted for therapeutic purposes, this unique organic soil offers significant health benefits. You can feel its effects for yourself in our peat bath which combines peat with thermal water of 38–40 °C.


A unique massage for demanding clients which uses small air-fuelled jets to stimulate your acupuncture points. You can regulate the water pressure in the individual areas yourself. Designed to relax tense muscles, the massage is particularly suited to alleviate the symptoms of diseases and injuries of the musculoskeletal system. The atmosphere of the massage is complemented by a background of changing colours, which contributes to the relaxation of the mind.


Let yourself be pampered. Our reflexology massage provides relief to patients with diseases of the spine and joints, circulatory disorders, diseases of internal organs and those recovering after an injury. During the massage the physiotherapists looks for reflexive changes in tissues and uses special techniques to stimulate them in order to release tension and muscle contractions. As they are transmitted by the nervous system, these impulses have a positive effect on the internal organs as well. Drinking enough water after the procedure will enhance the beneficial impact of the massage.


An efficient way to combat orange-peel skin, our anti-cellulite massage will help you maintain your smooth curves. Special compression techniques are used for the hand massage of the abdomen and thighs in order to disrupt fat cells as well as to stimulate subcutaneous tissue and the lymphatic system. Professional cosmetic products by Robeus are applied to enhance the efficiency of the massage. You will notice the effects already after your first visit, as your skin becomes firmer and smoother. The treatment should be repeated.


A treat not only for your body, but also for your mind. The basis of all massages, a classic massage is an efficient way to relax your muscles, which are tense from your long days in front of the computer and your stressful lifestyle, as well as to recover from an injury. Apart from facilitating the absorption of swellings and haematomas and disrupting tissue adhesions, a classic massage also supports the proper functioning of the metabolism and improves blood circulation in the massaged parts. You can choose a full massage including the back, legs and arms, or a partial massage focused on the neck and back.


A laser treatment helps speed up healing and reduces inflammatory processes, providing relief from both acute and chronic pain. During the short and painless treatment, light rays of a specific wave length are applied on the affected area. It is advisable to repeat the treatment several times.


You won’t not feel anything during the treatment, but you will notice its effects. The procedure helps to reduce pain, inhibit inflammatory processes and speed up healing. It is also very helpful for clients with titanium hip implants. The gentle method uses a low-frequency electromagnetic field. The mild pulses reach the affected area even through clothing and tissues, bringing relief where it is necessary.


Use the healing power of the biolamp to treat your health problems. The biolamp light therapy affects deep structures of the patient’s tissues, speeding up the metabolic processes in the body. Therefore, it is perfectly suited to reduce pain and improve blood circulation. As it speeds up the healing of wounds, the biolamp is used to treat skin diseases such as eczema, leg ulcers, intertrigos, acne and cold sores. Experience its healing power for yourself.


Just lay down and let the electrical pulses do the work. The rather technically sounding name ENDOVACO denotes a device that uses low-frequency electrical impulses (TENS) for therapeutic purposes. The treatment provides relief from pain and alleviates problems with the musculoskeletal system, swellings and muscle shortening. It is also used for postoperative care. The treatment has significant analgesic effects.


This simple but very efficient and popular procedure helps patients recovering after injuries or suffering from degenerative diseases. It alleviates muscle and joint problems. Ultrasound treatment consists in the use of mechanical longitudinal waves, which affect both the surface and the deep structures of your body. By moving the head of the device over the affected area, the physiotherapist performs a micro-massage with significant spasmolytic, analgesic and vasodilating effects.


Exercise while lying on a bed. The electrical muscle stimulator (EMS) makes passive exercise and weight loss possible. The device sends gentle electrical impulses to the abdomen, thighs and buttocks, stimulating your muscles and making your brain think you are exercising. Studies suggest that a 20-minute therapy has the same effect as two hours of fitness training. Very popular with athletes and bodybuilders, EMS contributes to strengthening your muscles, shaping your body, reducing subcutaneous fat and combating cellulitis. Combining the therapy with a balanced diet and exercise will boost its efficiency.


Under the guidance of a physiotherapist, you will learn to perform exercises that will help you cope with musculoskeletal disorders, speed up your recovery after injuries or operations and improve your health. The physiotherapist will assess your health condition and propose a tailor-made rehabilitation plan. Thanks to the individual approach, you will have enough time to try all the exercises and learn how to perform them correctly. To achieve the best results, it is advised to exercise at home as well.


Take a step towards a healthier body and a fresher mind, and have fun at the same time. Our popular group exercise sessions take place under the guidance of a physiotherapist in groups of no more than ten participants. They start with a full-body stretching, which is followed by more demanding exercises adapted to the health condition of the clients. Concentrate on all the exercises so that you can perform them also on your own in your spare time and get in shape faster.


Even if you have never tried walking with poles before, after your stay with us you will want to buy a pair of your own. First of all, an experienced instructor will explain how to use Nordic walking poles. After that you will set out on a journey to discover the well-known as well the forgotten parts of Karlovy Vary and visit charming viewpoints. The poles will make walking considerably easier, so that you will walk several kilometres without noticing. At the same time, they will make you engage up to 90 percent of all your muscles and improve your posture. (April - October)


Did you know that exercising in a pool was up to four times more effective than ordinary exercise? That’s what an American study says and you can check the accuracy of its findings for yourself. Exercising in a pool is very beneficial for patients with diseases of the musculoskeletal system as well as for those recovering after injuries and operations and trying to lose excess weight. Buoyancy makes stretching your body in water very easy and exercising in a group is a lot of fun. The physiotherapist will advise you on how to perform the exercises properly while you enjoy your active time in the water.


Swim a few extra strokes towards a better health. A natural way to improve your fitness, swimming helps strengthen your musculoskeletal system and contributes to regeneration after muscle, joint and spine injuries. The intensity of any stretching and work-out exercises is increased by the resistance of water. Put on a swimsuit and test your fitness in our 25-metre swimming pool.


A pleasant spa procedure that will relax your stiff muscles and gently warm your entire body. Only 2 or 3 minutes after a pack of heated peat is applied to the problematic area, you will feel the heat passing through your skin and spreading in your body. Peloid packs alleviate the symptoms of chronic diseases of the musculoskeletal system and have beneficial effects on some diseases of the digestive system.


Treatments for your body are great, but don’t forget about your hands. A wax bath will pleasantly warm your fingers. When the wax hardens, you put on special gloves to trap its heat, which contributes to alleviating the symptoms of chronic joint diseases. Softening and smoothing the skin on your hands is a pleasant side-effect of the procedure.


Vincentka, a traditional Czech mineral water, is very popular for its beneficial influence on the respiratory tract, including the mucous membranes and the vocal cords. It has anti-inflammatory effects, improves mucus flow and facilitates expectoration. Inhaling its aerosols is therefore very well suited to prevent and treat colds.


Do you know that the proper functioning of your lymphatic system is absolutely essential for your immunity and health? Similar to the circulation of blood, lymph flows through the body, cleaning it of toxins. When the lymphatic system doesn’t work properly, fat, water, salt and waste products accumulate under the skin. That causes swellings and other skin problems on different parts of the body and frequently also leads to infectious diseases or the feeling of “heavy legs”. A lymphatic drainage of your legs will support the proper functioning of your lymphatic system. The procedure is based on intermittent compressions of the legs, generating a pressure wave that supports the lymphatic and venous systems. The therapy will improve the condition of your skin and also reduce swellings and cel


If pain prevents you from sleeping or bothers you during the day, a dry carbon bath is highly recommendable. During this simple procedure, the lower part of your body is encased in a bag inflated with carbon dioxide. While you lie down and unwind, the gas affects your body. Apart from providing relaxation, carbon dioxide has strong analgesic effects and stimulates blood circulation in your skin.


Oxygen is one of the essences of life on earth, so it’s no wonder that oxygen therapy has a beneficial effect on the human body. The treatment is based on the inhalation of concentrated oxygen, which improves blood circulation in the body and relieves both the muscles and the mind from stress. Increased concentration of oxygen in your body will help you reduce fatigue, prevent headaches, increase your performance and fitness and, last but not least, improve your mood.


Gas injections, also referred to as pneumopuncture, is an efficient means of pain relief. During the procedure, which takes only a few seconds, a needle is used to inject a small amount of carbon dioxide to acupuncture points near the affected areas. The gas relaxes the nearby muscles, bringing an immediate analgesic effect. Although the procedure is mildly painful, it is very well tolerated and the results outweigh any initial worries.


Take a breath in a salt cave. And make sure you breathe deeply, because the microparticles of salt clean your respiratory tract and skin and have a beneficial effect on your whole body. The procedure is also very helpful in treating asthma, allergies, respiratory problems, psoriasis, rheumatism and skin diseases. A background of changing colours, the sound of gurgling water and meditative music will ensure ultimate relaxation.


Lose weight and switch to a healthier life

Are you trying to lose weight but with no results? Have you tried various diets and weight loss plans but nothing seems to work? You don’t have to combat obesity or overweight on your own. Our Fit & Slim Programme offers an effective way to lose weight – with no empty promises or yo-yo effects.

45% of our clients have booked the programme repeatedly. They say they feel healthier now, have shed weight and the programme has motived them to work on further weight reduction. Don’t hesitate and take the first step towards the body of your dreams today.


Hot Spring

The healing springs of Karlovy Vary

The mineral springs of Karlovy Vary are an integral part of the spa treatments at the Thermal Hotel. Drinking thermal water and bathing in the hot springs helps to treat diseases of the digestive system, obesity, immune system weakness and problems of the musculoskeletal system.

There is no other place in the world with a higher concentration of hot springs than Karlovy Vary. Discover the healing power of natural springs that come from the depths of the earth.

Spa stays

Spa stays

Thermal & Vary & Wellness

Thermal & Vary & Wellness

Improve your physical and mental fitness. Movement and relaxation will help you feel fresh again. This 5-day stay includes massages, a bath, unlimited access to the Thermal Wellness Centre and accommodation with half board.

from 104 € person / night

Beauty Days

Beauty Days

Let yourself be pampered. Your body deserves it. Our Beauty Days programme is packed with pleasant spa treatments. Enjoy baths, massage, body wraps and lymphatic drainage. You can also relax in our indoor swimming pool or give your whole body a workout at the hotel fitness centre, to which you have unlimited access.

from 113 € person / night

Thermal Therapeutic Stay

Thermal Therapeutic Stay

This traditional therapeutic programme will significantly contribute to alleviating your health problems and postoperative complications. After an initial medical check-up and a laboratory examination, you will be provided with a treatment plan comprising 18 procedures per week and a drinking cure. And you will, of course, have free access to the Thermal Wellness Centre.

from 121 € person / night

Fit & Slim

Fit & Slim

Lose weight once for good. With the help of our medical team, getting rid of the extra pounds will be much easier. The programme is packed with treatments that will help you start burning fat and with physical exercise. It also includes a drinking cure and a balanced diet.

from 156 € person / night

One-time 2-hour free entry to the outdoor pool including sauna world for each night of your stay.
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