Thermal pool & Saunia


Thermal pool

The legendary Thermal Hotel pool is back

Famous Thermal pool is open again! Immerse yourself in the bubbling water in the quiet part of the pool, test your fitness in one of the swimming lanes or relax in the outdoor bath filled with 100% thermal water. The pools of the Thermal Hotel are a great place to rest and unwind.

UPDATE: The swimming pool is open daily from 9:00 to 23:00 including the sauna world. The pool snack and restaurant varyo as well.

The main outdoor pool offers a unique view of Karlovy Vary, four 25m swimming lanes, a relax zone with underwater loungers and massage jets.

While your children are playing in the paddling pool, you can enjoy a snack at the bar or read a book on a blanket in the garden.

Tickets can be purchased at the pool entrance, at the reception of the Thermal Hotel or online. Tickets to the Thermal pool also grant access to the hot spring pool.


Open all year round

Water temperature

Relax pool

32 °C

Thermal pool

38 °C

Price list

Adult Child
up to 15 years
2+1 2+2 1+2
1 hour 499 CZK 399 CZK 1 099 CZK 1 399 CZK 999 CZK
3 hours 699 CZK 499 CZK 1 599 CZK 1 999 CZK 1 399 CZK
1 day 899 CZK 599 CZK 2 099 CZK 2 599 CZK 1 799 CZK

Spring water pool

Immerse yourself in the healing spring water

Can’t get enough of the view of Karlovy Vary from the hotel terrace? You can enjoy it from the spring water swimming pool as well. Submerge up to your chin and let the thermal water influence both your body and mind.

A mixture of ions and trace elements at a temperature of 38 °C will pleasantly stimulate your blood circulation and relax the tension in your muscles caused a long travel or sports. Don’t stay in the pool longer than 20 minutes, but dive in repeatedly.

After that refresh yourself with a cold drink and lie down on a deckchair on the terrace. Open all year round, our pool filled with 100% hot spring water is a great experience also on colder days and in winter.

Tickets to the Thermal pool also grant access to the 100% hot spring pool.

The Thermal pool features:

  • relax zone with massage jets
  • swimming lanes
  • separate pool filled with 100% hot spring water
  • summer paddling pool (7/22)
  • garden and terraces for relaxation
  • amenities for parents with children
  • changing room with lockers
  • snacks
  • sauna zone (no swimsuits)
  • access with a chip wristband
  • barrier-free access
  • discounted parking rates in the Thermal Hotel carpark

Thermal Saunia

Thermal Saunia

At Thermal Saunia you can sweat out yours stress and fatigue after a busy day. This new sauna world in Karlovy Vary offers a classic Finnish sauna, a salt sauna and an exotic tropical sauna under one roof. The power of herbs will improve your mood and sharpen your senses in an aroma steam bath or in a herbal sauna room. A sauna ritual under the guidance of experienced sauna masters and cooling yourself with water from a bucket or on the outside terrace in winter will surely be experiences you will remember for a long time.

  • Open all year round


Special offers

Beauty Days

Beauty Days

Let yourself be pampered. Your body deserves it. Our Beauty Days programme is packed with pleasant spa treatments. Enjoy baths, massage, body wraps and lymphatic drainage. You can also relax in our indoor swimming pool or give your whole body a workout at the hotel fitness centre, to which you have unlimited access.

from 113 € person / night

Weekend stay

Weekend stay

Choose Karlovy Vary for your weekend stay and stay at Hotel Thermal. Relax in the hotel's indoor wellness, to which you have unlimited access, or discover the charm of the spa promenades. Warm up your body in the outdoor pool or visit the sauna world of Saunia Thermal Resort. The offer is also valid during the week.

from 101 € person / night

Superior Rooms

Superior Rooms

Do you like comfort and panoramic views? The modern, renovated Superior Rooms offer both. Stay in the very heart of Karlovy Vary and enjoy your stay at the hotel of movie stars.

from 60 € person / night

Hotel Thermal & Saunia

Hotel Thermal & Saunia

Saunia Thermal Resort reports 38°C year-round. Soak in the irresistible thermal bath and enjoy the unique view of the spa centre from the water surface. Every day of the year you can enjoy a visit to the sauna world Saunia, the outdoor pool, or both. The sauna season is just beginning.

Year-round and summer snack bars

Enjoy a small snack

If you’re hungry, thirsty or just feeling like something sweet, the year-round snack bar at the pool entrance and the summer snack bar near the paddling pool are the places to go. You can choose from a selection of drinks, small refreshments and ice creams. Renovated according to the original design, the interior boasts a truly timeless style and uniqueness. See for yourself.



Tropical sauna

Haven’t been to the seaside this year? The effects of 50–60% humidity in combination with a temperature between 50 and 60 °C in Karlovy Vary will make you feel like in a tropical paradise. It’s not as hot as it might seem, though. Even if you don’t like the high temperatures in a classic sauna, don’t worry and try our tropical sauna.

A sauna session will help alleviate your breathing problems and provide relief from muscle diseases and rheumatism. After you come out, just relax on a deckchair and take in the effects of the sauna.

50–60 °C

50–60 %

10-25 minutes

Finnish sauna

The Finnish word “saunanjälkeinen” stands for “time after a sauna”, a time when you feel relaxed and ready to do anything. Even if you probably struggle with its pronunciation, you will feel the meaning of this word for yourself after 15 minutes in a Finnish sauna.

Lie down on a wooden bench and soak in the high temperature combined with low humidity. As a reward, the sauna will cleanse your body of toxins, improve your blood circulation and strengthen your immune system. And if you overcome the final challenge presented by a bucket of cold water or the cooling pool, you can be proud of yourself.

90–100 °C

10–20 %

5-15 minutes

Herbal sauna

Take a deep breath and exhale. Can you smell the essences of eucalyptus, peppermint and the citrus essential oils? These scents in combination with a pleasant temperature will provide an extraordinary experience for your senses. Aromatherapy can have a calming, relaxing or stimulating effect.

You will be surprised how long you will stay in the sauna. The lower temperature is suitable also for sauna beginners. You can enhance the effects by using sauna cosmetics, such as peeling salts or a honey cream to cleanse your skin. Herbal sauna will leave your body and all parts of your mind pleasantly relaxed.

40–50 °C

10–20 %

10-30 minutes

Sauna rituals

Why not make your sauna session special? Sauna rituals guided by experienced sauna masters will let you forget about the heat. Just relax and get ready for an exceptional experience.

The artistic choreography presented by the sauna master will appear in the steam rising from the hot stones as they are cooled by water or ice with fragrant extracts. The sauna master will swirl the air with a towel, letting you feel intense waves of heat. After about ten minutes, the ritual ends and it’s finally time to cool down. You can enhance the beneficial effects on your skin by using special creams and peeling products.

By type of ritual

Salt sauna

Even if you are a complete beginner, you will like the salt sauna with its perfectly adjusted temperature and humidity. The walls are covered with illuminated stylish salt panels that create a calming atmosphere.

As soon as you enter the sauna room, you notice that the air is saturated with salt and minerals whose effects on your body are magnified by the heat. A sauna session detoxicates your body, helps to treat allergies and respiratory and skin diseases, and strengthens your immune system. Regular sauna visits will soften and brighten your skin.

40–50 °C

15–30 %

10-25 minutes

Aroma steam bath

Sit back and just breathe in the scent of the aroma steam bath. The natural essences have beneficial effects on your mind, respiratory tract and the regeneration of your body. The temperature of 45 °C will improve blood circulation in your skin and restore its fresh look, at the same time relieving your muscles from tension.

Stay in the steam bath only as long as it feels pleasant. A few minutes can enough. You can take a steam bath up to three times or combine it with a dry sauna.

40–50 °C

90–100 %

10-20 minutes

Ice well

Ice peeling after a sauna or steam bath? Why not! Just take a handful of crushed ice from a well and spread it over your warm body. The gentle massage with promote blood circulation in the skin, cool it down and leave it bright and fresh-looking. Finish the cooling under a cold shower, in the pool or in winter on the outside terrace.

Cooling buckets

Are you up for a real challenge? Just pull on the handle and your heated body will be immediately cooled with ice water from a bucket. Don’t be afraid to shout. You’ve made it! This shock therapy will stimulate your vascular system and strongly stimulate both your body and mind. You will be leaving with a smile on your face and ready for new challenges.

Cooling pool

Start cooling down under a lukewarm shower and then slowly sink into a stainless steel cooling pool. our body and mind will be perfectly refreshed. Cooling your body rapidly will improve blood circulation and massage your internal organs. Your capillaries will contract and toxins will be removed from your body. Fans of cold water can sit on a bench, enjoying the gradual cooling effect. The water is kept clean at all times as it is continuously pumped through a system of filters.


When was the last time you went for a massage? You don’t even remember anymore? Have you ever tried a massage after a sauna when your muscles are warmed up and relaxed? Let our professional masseurs take care of your stiff back and neck. Relax your muscles and mind to let your spa break recharge your batteries as much as possible.

Whether you prefer a classic or sports massage, or choose a massage ritual with high-quality cosmetic products, you won’t be disappointed. Pick from our wide range of massages or contact the reception to make a reservation or to get a recommendation for the most suitable massage for you.

Resting area

Relaxing in a deckchair in the resting area with a view of Karlovy Vary is the best way to finish a sauna or massage. Have a well-deserved rest for at least twenty minutes to take in the effects of the procedure. Refreshments are available at the sauna bar or snack bar just a few steps away. In the summer make sure you don’t miss the opportunity to watch the sunset from the terraces of the sauna world.


How do you get to the pool and Thermal Saunia?

By bus

If you get off at the U Jara bus stop, just follow the downhill path through the park and in a few minutes you will reach the entrance.

By car - underground parking

Drive to the Thermal Hotel (I. P. Pavlova, Karlovy Vary) and park in the underground carpark. Follow the signs from the upper floor of the car park through the park (approx. 200 meters), going slightly uphill until you reach the pool entrance. Alternatively, pass the reception and climb to the 1st floor and then take the lift directly to the pool and saunas.

By car - outdoor parking

Coming from the Karlovy Vary Regional Hospital, go down Bezručova Street all the way to the Mozart Park. From there you can walk approx. 300 metres through the park to the pool.

One-time 2-hour free entry to the outdoor pool including sauna world for each night of your stay.
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