About the hotel

A pearl of Brutalist architecture and countless services and experiences in one place

We roll out the red carpet only once a year, but you will feel like a star every time you stay with us.

The Thermal Hotel provides dozens of services under one roof. The unique Brutalist building houses a wellness centre, a spa, restaurants, bars, a swimming pool and conference rooms. The hotel offers accommodation for more than 500 guests. Every year it welcomes the movie stars attending the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival and hosts the festival screenings. Even if you stay here only once, you will remember it forever.

Nature & Activities

There are moments you can experience only in Karlovy Vary

Regardless of the time of year, there is always something to explore in Karlovy Vary. The spa town and its surroundings offer enough leisure time options for all generations. One stay at the Thermal will not be enough to see them all. That is also one the reasons our guests return again and again. A walk through the city, which has applied to become a UNESCO world heritage site, will certainly recharge your energy.

Trip options

Additional Services

We always go the extra mile for our guests

We will make you feel at home. Thanks to our additional services, you can arrange anything you need easily at the hotel. Have your hair cut, get a massage or a book a cosmetic treatment. We will make sure your shirts are clean and ironed every day. In the evening you can have fun at a roulette table or at the karaoke bar.

We will help you plan trips to interesting places and arrange a bike, e-bike or car rental for you. The Thermal Hotel has dozens of services available for you under one roof.


History since 1977

A festival palace that will stand out even on the international level. That was the requirement for the design of the Thermal Hotel. In an architectural competition, the design by Mr. and Mrs. Machonin, combining elements of Brutalism and international style, was chosen. The entire complex, comprising of a film festival centre, an international hotel and a thermal spa, was built between 1968 and 1977, with the architects overseeing each detail of the construction process in person.

The truly unique and remarkable building became a landmark of Karlovy Vary. Have a look at its history.



Karlovy Vary International Film Festival

Only 51 years after the invention of the cinematograph by the Lumièr brothers, Czechoslovakia hosted one of the first competition film festivals in the world. Nowadays, it is an A-list film festival, the most prestigious category in the world, just like those in Cannes, Berlin and Venice.

The Thermal Hotel is inseparably connected with the Karlovy Vary International Film Festival since its opening in 1977 when it became the festival’s central venue. Such stars as Leonardo DiCaprio, John Malkovich, Helen Mirren, Richard Gere and Scarlett Johansson have walked down the red carpet here. You can experience the unique atmosphere of the festival yourself every year.


Special offers

Karlovy Vary Full of Health

Karlovy Vary Full of Health

This programme will alleviate your health problems and postoperative complications. The tailormade package comprises 9 procedures per week and a drinking cure, leaving you with enough time for relaxation on the beautiful spa colonnades and in our indoor swimming pool.

from 73 € person / night

Thermal & Vary & Wellness

Thermal & Vary & Wellness

Improve your physical and mental fitness. Movement and relaxation will help you feel fresh again. This 5-day stay includes massages, a bath, pool exercise sessions, unlimited access to the Thermal Wellness Centre and accommodation with half board.

from 67 € person / night

Beauty Days

Beauty Days

Let yourself be pampered. Your body deserves it. Our Beauty Days programme is packed with pleasant spa treatments. Enjoy baths, massages, body wraps and lymphatic drainage. You can also relax in our indoor swimming pool or give your whole body a workout at the hotel fitness centre, to which you have unlimited access.

from 72 € person / night