How to say no to obesity for good?

What causes obesity?

Obesity is not a problem of weak will or laziness. It is a disease that has developed into a worldwide epidemic. Globally, one in four people are obese, in the Czech Republic it is one in five.

Obesity is caused primarily by a bad diet and overeating. However, it is also influenced by various other factors including a lack of physical activity, a sedentary lifestyle, genetic factors that affect metabolism and the ability to burn fat, as well as eating habits in the family play and other hormonal and psychological factors.

Why is it wrong to be obese?

Changing your diet and lifestyle is not easy, but the health risks related to obesity are simply too serious to do nothing. Obese people face a higher risk of cardiovascular diseases, heart attacks, diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer and mental health problems. All that makes obesity a serious health issue you should not underestimate.

Do you need to worry?

Do you think you are overweight or obese? The so-called Body Mass Index can help you find out. A simple calculation method will tell you if you should pay more attention to your weight.


Calculate your BMI

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Moderately overweight

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Being obese does not mean feeling obese

A British study found out that, surprisingly, only 10% of obese people actually admit their condition. The respondents often didn’t rate their weight as obesity and most of them were not aware of any serious health risks. The surprising results are probably caused by the fact that people tend to compare themselves with their overweight relatives and friends and to play down the seriousness of their problems.

Say no to obesity!

You can’t keep trying the same things again and again and expect a different result. But is it at all possible to win the fight against excess weight or obesity? With professional help and support, you can succeed.

That is why our physicians have prepared the Fit & Slim programme, which has already helped hundreds of clients to lose weight and improve their health.

We don’t offer miracles, but a functional method that will help you start losing weight and change your view of your own body and lifestyle. Feeling better and losing extra pounds doesn’t have to be just another unfulfilled resolution.

Fit & Slim spa programme

The Fit & Slim spa programme is always adjusted according to the individual needs of the client, the results of their laboratory tests and the initial medical examination. Comprising a weekly portion of 21 procedures, the scheme is based on four basic pillars:

Put yourself in the hands of experts

An assessment of your health and a medical consultation of your problems will provide important information to prepare the right treatment for you. The first part of the programme includes:

  • • initial medical check-up
  • • consultation with a nutritional therapist and body analysis
  • • laboratory examination
  • • final medical consultation

Let yourself be pampered

The second block consists of 21 treatments per week, for a ten-day stay you will receive our care in the form of 30 treatments.

Discover new tastes and the power of hot springs

Changing your diet will fundamentally affect both your weight and health. We will show you how to improve and simplify your diet, so that you can continue reducing weight at home.

  • • full board comprising meals recommended by a nutritionist
  • • five well-balanced meals a day
  • • drinking cure of mineral spring water recommended by a physician

Move your body with ease

You will discover the colonnades and mineral springs as part of a drinking cure and regular walks through the spa center or on a hike to the surrounding viewpoints. Naturally, you'll burn calories without even realizing it should be an effort.

The program includes full board accommodation. The ideal duration of the program is three weeks. Prescribed procedures may vary depending on the client's condition. Individual program blocks interweave, always consisting of 21 procedures per week.


When I decided to lose weight, I weighed 157 kg. I suffered from arthritis and the doctors recommended me a joint replacement. I didn’t want to have that surgery and started looking for an alternative solution. A spa treatment turned out to be a good one. In ten months I managed to reduce my weight to 102 kg.

During the first weeks of the Fit & Slim programme, I wasn’t able to walk more than 200 metres with a crutch. It was hard, but I didn’t give up. Thanks to the great medical staff, I learned how adjust my diet and I started to move, I swam a lot and went to the sauna.

My family and friends were excited and very supportive. And I saw the results every week. Now, after ten months, I can walk from the Thermal Hotel to a shopping centre five kilometres away! I feel great and I look forward to coming back. But this time not as a spa guest, but to see the International Film Festival.

Tareq Almuwail, Kuvajt
A former Fit & Slim programme client

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