Thermal bath with wrap

A mineral water bath (water temperature 37-40°C) using effects of the hot thermal bath and mineral substances - the skin absorbs mineral substances containing in the thermal water. The bath influences digestive tract and blood circulation and has relaxing effects.

Pearl bath in mineral water with wrap

A mineral water bath (water temperature 37-38°C) with small air bubbles which micro-massage the skin, improving blood circulation and relaxing the body. A 10 min. pack follows after the bath.

Carbon dioxide bath

A mineral water bath (water temperature 33-35°C) saturated with natural carbon dioxide which increases local and total blood circulation, reduces blood pressure and accelerates mental relaxation. A 10 min. pack follows after the bath.

Calmonal bath in mineral water with wrap

Solution baths positively influence locomotor apparatus, sooth muscle stretch and have analgetic effects. A 7 min. pack follows after iodine and peloid baths.

Solution baths are especially suitable to treat post-operative and traumatogenic states or degenerative diseases of joints and spine. They have anti-stress and relaxing effect as well.

Scottish showers

Alternating application of the hot and cold water by a jet. It improves blood circulation and activates the metabolism. Scottish jet showers are especially suitable to treat obesity, vegetative and hormone diseases and increase physical and psychical resistance.

Whirlpool bath in mineral water with wrap

Jets massage different parts of the body immersed into the mineral water bath. It improves blood circulation, alleviates pains in the locomotor apparatus (in joints and spine) and has relaxing effects as well.

Leg whirpool bath

An underwater massage by small water jets located in the hip-bath. It improves blood circulation and activates the metabolism. It is an excellent way to train blood circulation and brings easement to legs.

Underwater massage

A very pleasant procedure – water jets directed at specific parts of the body combine the beneficial effects of heat, bath, massage, active and passive movenent in the water. It increases muscle mobility.

Peat bath

In the bath of 38-40 °C the effect of warm bath and mineral substances is used, the mineral substances are in the thermal water as well as in the peat, therefore the organism gets gradually and equally warmed through which leads to muscle relaxation, higher blood perfusion and tissue regeneration.

It is suitable mainly for rheumatic illnesses, degenerative changes in the spine and joints, skin diseases like psoriasis, acne, chronic eczema but also for prevention of organism immunity. Followed by a shower and 10-minute dry pack.


A luxurious bath in a multifunctional tub for the most demanding of clients. Intensive underwater massage with gentle jets released in the bath.

You can self-regulate the pressure of the water massage. Micromassage and coloured lighting effects promote relaxation of muscles and mind.


Classical massage

A manual massage with oil or emulsion. It can be offered as a part massage (neck + back) or an overall body massage (including arms and legs). It stimulates the metabolism and blood circulation. The massage gradually alleviates or eliminates pains in the locomotor apparatus.

Reflexive massage

It is a specialised therapy to treat and remove unhealthy reflexive changes in locomotive system segments. It has beneficial effect on reflexive changes caused by diseases of the internal organs, locomotive system and neurovegetative disorders.

Anti-cellulite massage

It is a manual massage of belly and thighs using multicomponent natural cosmetic of Italian company Robeus. The procedure helps the oxidation of tissue, removes excess water from the body, restores elasticity, helps skin smoothing, eliminates cellulite and leads to slimming and forming of the body.


Laser, Scanner

Both machines producing a ray of light of specific wave length. A theraupetic laser accelerates healing and eliminates phlogistic processes in the body.


A machine suitable for treatment of chronic diseases of joints and spine, traumatogenic and post-operative states of joints and spine.


Electromagnetic field treatment has a large spectrum for chronic and acute locomotor apparatus disorders, traumatogenic states and blood circulation disorders. It reduces pains and accelerates the healing process.


It improves blood circulation, alleviates pains, has antiphlogistic effects and accelarates healing processes in the body (e.g. healing of scars). It is used to treat skin diseases – herpes, acne, eczema, venous ulceration etc.


Local use of heat from an infrared lamp. It helps to treat chronic inflammation of tendons, muscles, joints, arthritis.

Quartz lamp

Ultraviolet radiation helps to treat skin diseases (acne or psoriasis) and influences positively low efficiency of the organism, tiredness, anemia, nasal alergy or asthma.

Endovaco + BTL-06

A treatment by low-frequency and medium low-frequency currents. Both procedures help to improve myalgia, neuralgia, swellings, alleviate pains and disorders of locomotor apparatus and are often used in post-operative care.


Ultrasound has mechanical, chemical, thermic and biological effects and acts analgesic and spasmolytic. It is used to treat phlogistic and degenerative diseases of joints and spine, tenontitis.


It is a modern electronic device intended for strengthening and firming of stimulated muscles as well as for lowering the subcutaneous fat.

The most often abdomen, buttock and thigh muscle groups are stimulated but it is also possible to stimulate muscles on arms, back etc. The treatment by myostimulator also reduces cellulite. The results are multiplied when application of myostimulator is combined with physical activity and good regime.


Individual gymnastics

Individual exercise sessions led by a trained physiotherapist – specially tailored for those with locomotive or nervous systems disorders and with incorrect locomotive habits.

Group gymnastics

Exercise sessions in the group (max. 10 clients) led by a trained physiotherapist.

Nordic walking

Walking with special sticks improving the body-control and physical condition.

Treatments in the Pool

Gymnastics in the pool

It combines benefits of exercises and thermal water. Hydrostatic press, heat and water pressure are used to treat disorders of locomotor apparatus, post-operative and traumatogenic states.

Swimming in the indoor pool

Swimming and movement in swimming pool has a beneficial effect on locomotive apparatus diseases, neurological diseases and posttraumatic muscle, joint or spine conditions. It also has a general relaxing and anti-stress effect.

Other medical treatments

Peloid applications

Pockets with hot peat are applied to involved parts of the body. Peat slowly passes heat to human body. Peat compress is used against illnesses of the locomotive system and some digestive system disorders.

Paraffin - hands

After being plunged several times into a mixture of melted paraffin and paraffin oil, the hands are wrapped in a plastic bag and special gloves which keep the heat. This procedure is suitable for chronic and degenerative disorders of small joints and softens the skin on the hands.


Inhalation of mineral water through the nose or mouth. The mineral water Vincentka is used for this procedure thanks to its optimal effect. The procedure has theraupetic effects on the mucous membrane of airways and helps to combat infections.

Lymphdrainage - apparatus

The venous and lymphatic system is drained by means of controlled compression in appliance hoses. The procedure alleviates swellings and improves lymph system and blood circulation. It acts as a positive force against cellulite as well.

Dry carbon dioxide bath

Application of carbon dioxide in a plastic bag. Gas is absorbed through the skin to improve blood circulation in the body (first of all in the brain, heart and legs).


Oxygen inhalation session is combined with a taking of vitamins. The procedure improves blood circulation, concentration, chronic and temporary respiratory disorders and regenerates the organism. It alleviates headaches and tiredness. It has anti-ageing effects.


Acupuncture points are activated by subcutaneous injections of carbon dioxide. Pneumopuncture alleviates pains and function disorders. It has analgetic effects.


Irrigation of the large intestines by tepid water. It causes defecation and leads to detoxication of the organism. It is used to treat obstipation, chronic skin diseases (acne, psoriasis) and to activate immune system.

Salt cave

The stay in salt cave has preventive as well as curative effects at respiratory diseases /chronic sinusitid, laryngitis, chronic bronchitis or asthma/.

The effect is also described at skin diseases /psoriasis, acne, chronic eczema, allergic skin conditions/. The salt cave has a great effect also to heart diseases and circulatory system, high blood pressure or postheart attack conditions. Last but not at least it is very relaxing and therefore suitable for patients under stress, chronical fatigue or neurosis.