3 connected multi-functional conference rooms, with daylight. Thanks to sliding walls, we are able to offer 3 single conference rooms (30-35 people/ each room) as well as one big conference room, able to hold up to 100 persons.

Red Lounges are the right place for meetings,  press conferences, workshops, briefings or presentations.

Location Red Lounge III
1st floor
Red Lounge II
1st floor
Red Lounge I
1st floor
Dimension 7 x 8,5 m 5 x 8,5 m 6,7 x 8,5 m
Space 60 m2 43 m2 52 m2
Height / surface 2,6 m / carpet 2,6 m / carpet 2,6 m / carpet
Sound yes yes yes
Day light (windows) yes no no
Black-out yes yes yes