Unique round hall with a capacity up to 300 people. More than one third of the hall wall is made of glass.

The Congress hall is the right place for all kinds of meetings and conferences. It is also suitable for private celebrations, balls, music performances or shows.  The Convention Hall is connected with the Congress Hall.

Depending on the setup the Convention Hall is able to accommodate up to 300 people.

Theatre or Cocktail setup: 300 people, Banquet: 180 people, School setup:  150 seats, U-Shape and Block: 60 seats.

Location 1st floor
Space 380 m2
Dimension Ø 22 m
Height / surface 4,5 m / dance floor
Concert piano Yes
Fixed screen 2,4 x 1,8 m (pull) - 16 mm
Sound - max. number of microphones 6
Translation booths 6
Light basic
Day light (windows) partially
Black-out Yes