Indications – what we treat

  1. Digestive tract disorders
    • chronic gastric dyspepsia
    • gastric and duodenal ulcers, postoperative conditions following duodenotomy, gastrotomy and oesophagotomy
    • functional disorders of the intestine, namely chronic obstipation or irritable bowel syndrome
    • chronic intestinal inflammation (Morbus Crohn, Proctocolitis chronica)
    • postoperative conditions following small intestine and colon surgeries
    • gallbladder and bile duct disorders, cholelithiasis, biliary dyspepsia, postoperative conditions following gallbladder and bile duct surgeries
    • states after acute hepatitis of any etiology, chronic hepatitis, hepatic steatosis or compensated hepatic cyrrhosis
    • pancreatic disorders, states following acute pancreatitis, chronic pancreatitis, states following pancreas surgeries and transplants
  2. Metabolic disorders
    • obesity
    • type 1 and 2 diabetes mellitus, including diabetic complications
    • lipid metabolism disorders (dyslipidaemia)
    • disorders of uric acid metabolism (gout)
  3. Locomotor system problems
    • chronic spinal pains of both functional and degenerative origin, postoperative conditions following spine surgeries
    • aching joints, joint arthritis, metabolic joint disorders (gouty arthritis), traumatogenic conditions or conditions following joint surgeries and total joint endoprosthesis operations


Spa treatment is contraindicated in persons who are not able to walk on their own and have to rely on other people's help.

The type and the number of procedures is prescribed by the spa physician.