New, modern and large Balneo Wellness Center offers a wide range of spa and wellness services. The center is located on the first and second basement levels (-1 and-2 floor), comfortably accessible by the lift.

Centre offers over 50 medical and wellness treatments and services, which you can buy at the Balneo Reception (2 floor). Except various massages, hydrotherapy, electrotherapy, Nordic Walking and other wellness treatments we are offering ambulant packages for non-residental clients.


WELLNESS CENTRUM: the indoor pool (15x5m), Whirlpool, Kneipp´s path, dry Finnish sauna, steam bath, infra cabine and cardio zone. 


Monday – Sunday   07:00 a.m. – 09:00 p.m. (last entry is at 08:30 p.m.)

Balneo Reception (2 floor) - procedures

Monday - Sunday    07.00 a.m. to 07.00 p.m.

Contact: +420 359 002 216

Procedures are possible to order via e-mail: procedury@thermal.cz

Wellness treatments / FREE OF CHARGE

Steam bath

It is very similar to the classical sauna but the climate is different – much more humid and not so hot. The body is heated gradually, not so sharply as in the classical sauna and the air humidity is almost 100 %.

The effect of warm steam bath increases especially when the steam is enriched with essential oils of eukalyptus or other healing substances. It helps to relax the breathing, contributes to the regeneration of overloaded muscles, reduces overall fatigue, positively affects the blood circulation and detoxifies the body, relieves rheumatic problems. A steam bath can be combined with swimming in the pool.

Indoor swimming pool

Swimming and movement in swimming pool has a beneficial effect on locomotive apparatus diseases, neurological diseases and posttraumatic muscle, joint or spine conditions. It also has a general relaxing and anti-stress effect.


The principle of warming is the transmission of warmth by infrared radiation. The temperature in the cabin is only around 50 °C. Therefore, after agreement with a doctor, it can be suitable also for cardiac and asthmatic patients.

During the stay in the cabin, the best position is sitting. Significant sweating starts after about 15 minutes. The long-term research has shown that the composition of sweat in classical sauna is 95 - 97 % of water. In the infracabin it is only 80 - 85 %, the rest are fat cells and cholesterol, fatsoluble toxins, heavy metals, acids, sodium and ammonia. It means that in classical sauna only 5 % of the pollutants is excreted while in infracabin it is 15 - 20 %. The warmth causes the excretion of toxins from the cells into the lymph and then by sweat out of body. It reduces pains and stiffness of joints, muscles and spine, supports blood circulation and strengthens the cardiovascular system. It has a positive effect in the treatment of inflammatory disease processes of skin, it strengthens the immune system and reduces stress and fatigue.

Finnish sauna

Repeated rotating stay in the sauna with temperature of 80-90°C for several minutes with cooling in the shower with cold water has positive effects on the human organism.

During the stay in sauna, joints and muscles are more relaxed and the blood circulation throughout the whole body improves. It also influences the respiratory system or rheumatism, it is suitable for hardening and higher imunity. The sweating caused by the stay, helps the body to leach harmful substances. Finnish sauna is popular also due to its effect on weight loss.

Wellness treatments / PAID TREATMENTS

Anticellulite massage

A hand massage supporting an oxidation of the textus. It drains excess water in the body and influences positively elasticity of the skin. It reduces cellulite and leads to body-forming as well.

Aromatherapy massage

It is light, pleasant and relaxing massage of the whole body while using essential oils. It influences mainly the fatigue and psychological stress, it restores physical and mental well being.

Hot stone therapy

One of the oldest and most efficient massages which comes from Polynesia. It connects the effects of massage and hot stones. The massage is made with warm stones and their pressure helps the warmth to spread deeper into muscles or joints.

It is suitable for chronical diseases of spine and joints, it relieves muscle cramps and spasms. It brings relief from psychological stress, unease and anxiety.

Honey massage (detoxification)

Therapeutic effect of honey through the skin to all organism is used during this massage. The honey massage, thanks to its detoxication effect, cleanses the body of sediments that accumulated in the organism from the environment, food or medication.

It helps to restore the natural detoxication ability of our organism. It is suitable for rheumatic diseases of muscles, joints and spine, stomach and intestinal disorders, chronical fatigue, insomnia or stress. Honey massage is done only on the back.

Reflexive massage of soles

Reflexology is based on the theory of zone therapy which says that in our body there are energy channels (zones) from the soles to the brain. When we press the soles, we activate the zones and create a healing effect.

The pressure to individual reflex points can relieve pain /spine, joints, head/, further we can influence the functional disease of internal organs /stomach, intestine, gall bladder, constipation or diarrhea/. The massage can reduce depression, stress, fatigue and exhaustion.

Salt cave

The stay in salt cave has preventive as well as curative effects at respiratory diseases /chronic sinusitid, laryngitis, chronic bronchitis or asthma/. The effect is also described at skin diseases /psoriasis, acne, chronic eczema, allergic skin conditions/.

The salt cave has a great effect also to heart diseases and circulatory system, high blood pressure or postheart attack conditions. Last but not at least it is very relaxing and therefore suitable for patients under stress, chronical fatigue or neurosis.


Slimming and Anticellulite massage with pack

This massage is a very effective slimming massage and when combined with thermo-active products, it removes unwanted fat.

The treatment proceeds by using a special hand massage technique and wrap which activates lymphs and their detoxicating abilities. It is effective for flushing away unwanted deposits from beneath the skin which cause ugly lumps on the surface.

Fat burning massage and pack

A special massage for difficulties with body fat. During the wrap and massage we use cosmetic products containing caffeine, theophylline and Guarana, activate blood flow and improve the metabolism.

Mud pack from Dead sea and regenerative massage

Regeneration treatment for strengthening and beautifying the body includes wrap with the mud from the Dead Sea (back, abdomen and legs) and perfect relax massage with natural balsamic oil.

This treatment nourishes and warms your skin. Mud from the Dead Sea: it is unique due to its salt concentration and minerals. The mud contains Calcium, Magnesium, Bromine and Potassium, poor for sodium, carbonates and sulfates. This special content supports the effect of drainage, cleaning, remineralization and slimming.

Exclusive anti stress and relaxing treatment (peeling, serum, massage)

Whole body massage: regenerates, rejuvenates, hydrates and gives back elasticity. Peeling from walnut shells and buriti with antioxidants. Mix of 5 flowers has immediate calming effect.

Lime eliminates fatigue and swelling of the lower limbs.  Papaya, avocado oil and extract from scutellaria ensure effective drainage and body cleaning. Toxins and stress disappear and make a space for clam and harmony.

Chocolate massage (peeling, pack with chocolate, massage)

Peeling massage with Himalaya salt and orange oil, followed by the chocolate layer (back, buttocks, thighs, and abdomen) and 15-minute wrap with foam, which keeps skin hydration and elasticity.

This massage is excellent for the smoothing and beauty of your skin. Helps to improve your mood and flush out all toxic matter, or relax your muscles and prevent cellulite. After this massage you will feel fresh and relaxed. The chocolate will ensure that you look great and it will also take care of your skin. Your skin will look fresh and beautiful and your muscles will be relaxed. The smell of chocolate will just be the cherry on the cake!! Welcome to the world of luxury...

Face lifting with Collagen Anti-Aging

Complex anti-aging method. Collagen is the major protein in the extracellular matrix fiber. It refills, smooths and reduces wrinkles, guaranteeing the right moisture balance. This treatment is suitable also for men.

Rejuvenating and regenerative treatment of face - New Age

Protect and prevent premature skin aging. Retinol has one of the main rules in skin cellular status. If the skin lacking in retinol, it suffers and gets old soon, to act in time is the best way to stop premature aging.