Each year the SPA HOTEL THERMAL hosts the most important international film festival of „A” category in Central and Eastern Europe – Karlovy Vary International Film Festival (KVIFF). It is one of the oldest film festivals and is categorized as A, for example, together with the festivals in Cannes, Berlin, Venice or Tokyo.

The roots of the festival dates back to the 1946, when the first Film Festival was held in Marienbad. A year after, in 1947, the festival was held in Karlovy Vary for the first time.

After the Velvet Revolution, the festival experienced difficult moments, when his organization took Jiří Bartoška and Eva Zaoralová. Under their leadership, the festival gained back the lost glory and became a prestigious film festival throughout the former "Eastern Bloc". The Festival is organized since 1994 every year hosting famous filmmakers from around the world.