интервью: How to lose 55 kg within 10 months

May 09, 2018

Mr. Tareq Almuwail is a regular young man, living his common life. Suffering overweight with 157 kg he decided to change his life. He lost his first 7 kg by himself very quick. When he came to the SPA HOTEL THERMAL, he was 150 kg. It was March 6, 2017. When we had this interview, it was November 13 and Mr. Almuwail was 102 kg. We ask him to tell his story, which seems to be motivating for others.

When did you decide to do something with your weight?
My story starts more than 8 years ago. I was very active young man, doing sport, especially body building. Unfortunately my bones and hips starts to suffer and the doctor prescribed me some pills. These pills let my body keeping the water and I become fat very quick. Fat body damages the muscles and especially the bones, which suffered the most. This led to arthrosis and I was recommended to hip replacement. I refused the operation and started to search for alternatives.

So searching and internet browsing brings you to Karlovy Vary?
Not really. First I found out, that there are various spas in the Czech Republic, using natural sources, healing illnesses and diseases including overweight. I booked the fight ticket and came to Teplice spa first. I stayed there one month: the healing was very good, spa was really nice, but it was not exactly what I was looking for. So I opened internet again and find Karlovy Vary and special Weight Loss program in hotel Thermal. The decision was done and I moved from Teplice to Karlovy Vary.

What were your feelings after first one or two weeks in hotel Thermal?
When I enter the large reception of the hotel, I saw guests from Middle East countries, Germany, Russia and several Czech-speaking people. The receptionists were smiling, very helpful and kind. I visited Dr. Váňa to check my body and prescribe me my individual treatments plan. Next morning I met the nutrition therapist, smiling lady Veronika, which explained me all about my diet. And so my Weight Loss program started. The part of the healing was drinking cure, when I have to walk to spa springs to the colonnade and drink mineral water from specified springs. In first days and weeks I was able to walk maximum 200 meters, holding my walking stick and needed to have a break. It was really hard time. But I won´t give up and told myself, that I wand and must do it! And week by week I saw first results. Now, after 10 month he is able to walk from the hotel to the shopping mall, which is 5 km distance! I was also swimming a lot and hotel saunas helped me as well.

After 3 months you had to return home to Kuwait. Were you able to keep all instructions and recommendations from our doctor and nutrition therapist when you have been home?
Sure, it was not so difficult. The first 3 months in hotel Thermal teach me how to eat: timing, combination of products and meals, measuring. The food is just one part of the process of losing the weight. Second important part is moving: I was keeping exercise, walking and starting again with my favorite body building. My friends and family were really happy for me. When I came back, after 3-minths stay in hotel Thermal, I lost 28 kg! Than being home, between my first and second stay in hotel Thermal, I lost other 5 kg. With the weight of 117 kg  I came again on September 17.

What about your second stay in SPA HOTEL THERMAL, having 3 month break? Is it the same or different, compared to the first one?
Having already 33 kg less I was quite happy. My target was and is not to be really thin, because I am doing body building. So I was prepared to continue with the therapy: exercise and dietary food. The true is that there were days, when I didn´t observe the diet and ate the food from the regular hotel buffet (laughing). But after one week the nutrition therapist told me, that my ideal weight is not yet reached and I need to lose more. So started to be hard to myself again and I came to the weight of 102 kg. The nutrition therapist was happy but also told me, that my ideal weight would be 93 kg. I know I can do it but because I want to continue with the body building, I am not sure if I will lose next 9 kg. Will see …

Do you have recommendations to the hotel management as the long-term client?
From the first day of my stay I was kindly surprised how nice everyone is: starting from housekeeping ladies, receptionists and waitress to the professional and well medical staff. From this point of view I am really happy. The only what I miss is big fitness center. I talked to the general manager and sales director and we all agreed on the need of the quality and well-equipped fitness center. I know that the hotel is waiting for its huge reconstruction, so I believe that my wish comes true (smile).

Do you plan to come again for treatment? Would it be again SPA HOTEL THERMAL, or you would you like to try some other hotel in Karlovy Vary or other spa city?
I definitely come back to hotel Thermal on March again. I love the spring weather; I already know this period of the year in Karlovy Vary. And I also start to think about the International Film Festival – not as the client coming for medical stay, but as the client coming for the cultural life this time (smile).

We are finishing our coffee in the lobby bar FILM CAFÉ and wishing each other a nice afternoon. Within few days after the interview Mr. Almuwail was flying back home and we were already looking forward to see him next time.

… Some weeks later; exactly on March 15, 2018 we welcome Mr. Almuwail again and honestly to say, he looks even better than in November last year.

ДЕЙСТВИЕ в отеле Thermal 2018

May 09, 2018

19.5.                 Mattoni Half Marathon Karlovy Vary

22.5.                 FILM MUSIC TOUR 2018

24.5. - 26.5.      European Championship Fitness & Sports Aerobic

2.6.                    Mattoni Carlsbad Carneval 

29.6. - 7.7.        53. Karlovy Vary International Film Festival 

13.7.                 Carlsbad Classic

5.9. - 9.9.          23. Carlsbad Folklore Festival

7.9.                   Light Festival 

15.9.                 Music Festival "Souznění"

21.9. - 23.9.      3. International Locksmith Exhibition LOCKFEST 2018

16.10. - 17.10.  "ŠKOLA 2019"

7.11. - 10.11.    Medical Ccongress "Praktický lékaři - XXXVII. výroční konference SVL ČLS JEP"

27.11. - 2.12.   15. Educational and Discussion Conference "Gastroenterologické dny v Karlových Varech"

1.12.                 Music Festival "42. Karlovarský hlas"

2.12.                 Concert of Helena Vondráčková 

2.12. - 4.12.      Medical Conference "16. konference Akutní kardiologie"


December 20, 2017

Закрытый бассейн, вирпул, дорожка Кнайпа, паровая баня, сухая финская баня, инфракабина и Кардио-зона работают

Велнес-центр снова работает!

August 11, 2017


Закрытый бассейн, вирпул, дорожка Кнайпа, паровая баня, сухая финская баня, инфракабина и фитнес по техническим причинам не работают.

Придите попробовать халал-еду!

August 07, 2017

За доплату 195 ЦЗК к цене буфета мы можете выбрать из 4 халал-блюд. Мы с радостью Вас ждём в ресторане отеля Термал.

Процедура месяца - июнь

June 01, 2017

Ванна »Calmonal« в минеральной воде с обёртыванием

Присадочные ванны имеют хорошое влияние на двигательный аппарат, расслабление мышечного напряжения и анальгетический эффект. После ванны десятиминутный компресс. Присадочные ванны используются при терапии посттравматических и послеоперационных состояний и при лечении дегенеративных изменений позвоночника и суставов. Присадочные ванны имеют тоже релаксационный эффект и противострессовый эффект.

Mattoni Полумарафон в Карловых Варах 2017

May 17, 2017

20 мая 2017

Карловы Вары – город-киношедевр, город-спа! Случилось так, что это также место одного из самых красивейших полумарафонов мира. Двадцать один километр пролетает как один миг, заставляя тебя парить от счастья. Приехав на полумарафон в Карловы Вары, ты не будешь думать о нем как о состязании. Ты будешь думать о нем, как о подарке судьбы.

Spa Season Opening 201

April 26, 2017

Открытие курортного сезона 2017
богатая культурная и развлекательная программа, традиционная историческая процессия Карла IV.


Календарь мероприятий 2017

March 14, 2017

  • 5 - 7 мая – Открытие курортного сезона
  • 6 мая - FoodFestival
  • 20 мая – Полумарафон Mattoni
  • 23 - 27 мая - FISAF International European Fitness & HIP HOP UNITE Championships
  • 2 - 3 июня – Карловарский карнавал
  • 30 июня - 8 июля – Международный кинофестиваль
  • 14 - 15 июля - Carlsbad Classic
  • 1.9. - 3.9.2017 – City Triathlon
  • 1.9. - 2.9.2017 – Фестиваль света
  • 5 - 10 сентября – Карловарский фольклорный фестиваль
  • 6 - 7 октября – фестиваль «Турфильм»


September 30, 2015

Лобби бар FILM CAFÉ имеет новую фотогалерию! Приходите побаловать себя вкусным кофе и лично убедитесь...