Return to Form Not Only after Covid-19

Return to Form Not Only after Covid-19

Still not feeling fully fit after covid-19? Were you hospitalized or did you experience only mild symptoms of covid-19, but are still suffering from shortness of breath, muscle pain, fatigue and not feeling mentally well?

You don’t have to deal with your health problems just on your own. Come to Karlovy Vary to recover from covid-19. You will receive excellent care and support from our medical staff while staying in the relaxing atmosphere of the spa town, which will fill you with optimism and improve your health again.

When you are still not feeling well after covid-19

The coronavirus pandemic has been affecting our lives for more than a year. Researchers have found out that many patients suffer from health issues even after recovering from covid-19. According to a study published in the prestigious medical journal The Lancet, three in four patients who have had covid-19 still suffer from what is known as the post-covid syndrome several weeks or even months after the disease.

The syndrome has two main causes, each producing different symptoms. It is either caused by the way covid-19 has affected the patient’s lungs, or by the consequences of the patient’s treatment in the intensive care unit. In the former case, the patients’ symptoms include predominantly shortness of breath and cough, in the latter the patients exhibit primarily neuromuscular and psychological symptoms, such as joint pain, muscle weakness, fatigue, formication or even limb numbness, depression and sleeplessness.

The most frequent symptoms of the post-covid syndrome include:

  • lung problems, chest pain, cough, shortness of breath
  • extreme fatigue
  • joint and muscle pain, headache
  • sleeplessness, mood swings, depression, anxiety, memory lapses, concentration problems
  • digestive problems

Return to Form Not Only after Covid-19

Our Return to Form Not Only after Covid-19. programme helps you to return faster to an active life after the disease. A timely rehabilitation and professional care will alleviate the symptoms of the post-covid syndrome and boost the natural immune system of your body. The Return to Form Not Only after Covid-19 spa stay is tailored according to the condition and needs of each guest. Combining 18 procedures per week and professional medical supervision, it contributes to a faster recovery. The scheme is based on four basic pillars:

1. Individual therapeutic programme

Based on an assessment of your health, our physicians will prepare a tailor-made treatment plan for you featuring suitable procedures at the right intensity. Our medical staff will take care of you throughout your entire stay.

Čeká vás:
  • • initial medical check-up
  • • physical analysis and creation of a nutrition plan
  • • final medical consultation

2. Recovery and relaxation

Massages, wraps, baths and breathing therapies will speed up the recovery of your lungs and muscles. The moments of relaxation will also positively affect your mind and our sensitive care will help you regain energy.

Treatment you can look forward to:
  • • carbon dioxide baths in mineral water
  • • thoracic spine peloid packs
  • • classic spine massages
  • • relaxation in a salt cave
  • • dry carbon baths
  • • Vincentka mineral water inhalation
  • • oxygen therapy and much more

3. Strengthen your health by exercising

Adequate amounts of physical activity and breathing fresh air in the picturesque spa town of Karlovy Vary will significantly contribute to improving both your physical condition and mental well-being. And what is more – exercising in a group is fun and doesn’t even feel like working out.

You will enjoy:
  • • group exercise in a pool
  • • group exercise in a gym with emphasis on proper breathing
  • • Nordic walking – organised walks through the spa town and its parks
  • • unlimited access to the Thermal Wellness Centre featuring a whirlpool, sauna, indoor pool, Kneipp’s walk etc.

4. Balanced diet and drinking cure

We are what we eat. That is why a nutritionally balanced diet and sufficient hydration are important for your immune system and your entire body.

The package includes full board and a drinking cure which has been helping people for centuries:
  • • full board – three nutritionally balanced meals a day
  • • drinking cure

The ideal length of stay is three weeks, but you can book a shorter or longer stay as well. Our clients can receive a state subsidy of CZK 4,000 (“Covid Spa“). The price of the package includes accommodation, full board and 18 spa procedures a week, i.e. usually three procedures a day from Monday to Saturday, tailor-made according to the client’s health condition.

One-time 3-hour free entry to the outdoor pool including sauna world for each night of your stay.
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